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  • Crydom DC output PCB mount solid-state relay
  • 3-10Vdc input
  • 1-60Vdc / 10A output
  • Low-impedance MOSFET output for reduced power dissipation
  • Agency approvals; cURus Recognized, CE

Crydom CMX60D10, DC Input, 10 Amp / 1-60Vdc PCB Mount Solid State Relay

  • Additional Information:

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    Product Datasheet: Crydom CMX Series Solid-State Relays

  • Product Description:

    The Crydom CMX60D10 is a compact, DC output, printed circuit board mount (PCB) solid state relay capable of switching 10 amp loads at a maximum voltage of 60Vdc. The CMX60D10 utilizes a low-impedance MOSFET to switch load power, which reduces power dissipation and enhances life expectancy. The maximum on-state impedance (Rds) for the output of the solid state relay is 0.018 Ohms, which equates to roughly 1.8W of power dissipation when switching a 10 amp load. The typical MTBF for the CMX60D10 is >7 million hours.


    The CMX60D10 has an input voltage range of 3Vdc to 10Vdc with a maximum input impedance of 300 Ohms. The input of the solid state relay will pull approximately 15mA @ 5Vdc, making the CMX60D10 ideally suited for DC applications controlled by a low power PLC or control board.


    The CMX60D10 is also available in a DIN mount carrier (HBC-11-CMX60D10) for applications without a printed circuit board or where only a few individual solid state relays are required. Additional DIN mount PCB solid state relays can be found in the Compact Power Controller section of our website.


    Solder Profile:

    The solder profile must be sufficient to provide adequate solder coverage on all of the pins but not in excess of the maximum ratings of the solid state relay

    Wave Solder; Maximum 260°C for 10 seconds

    Hand Solder; Maximum 400°C for 3 to 5 seconds

    Reflow; Not suitable for reflow


    Pin Forming:

    Bending the pins on the solid state relay can damage internal components. Please contact us if you require special forming of the pins.


    Inductive Loads:

    While the CMX60D10 is suitable for switching most types of loads, caution must be taken when switching inductive loads to prevent the solid state relay from being damaged by back emf. A simple solution is to place a fast recovery diode directly across the load, with the cathode of the diode connected to the positive terminal of the load, and the anode of the diode connected to the negative terminal of the load. Please contact us at / 800.879.7918 if you’d like additional information or support.

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