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At HBControls, we’re dedicated to simplifying the lives of our customers by providing a wide range of standard and customized, eco-friendly, high-quality power controllers and solid-state relays to meet the needs of a diverse industrial market. Above all, our goal is to provide an exceptional customer-service experience, because we understand what really matters – the people that purchase and use our products. It’s our business to take care of their business.

As an expert in designing and manufacturing solid-state power controllers, we understand the importance of effectively managing heat in order to maximize product reliability and life expectancy. Our power controllers and solid-state relays utilize highly efficient, custom-designed heat sinks to ensure that critical components remain well within specified parameters, allowing for safe, reliable operation in harsh ambient environments. Typical single-phase and multi-phase power controller ratings range from 0 – 100 amps in a 40°C ambient and include simple on/off switching as well as microprocessor-based phase-angle or burst fire (time proportioned) control.

Moreover, with life expectancies greater than 7 million hours (>800 years), our power controllers outlive by far the equipment in which they are installed. This makes them an ideal, eco-friendly alternative to traditional mechanical or mercury contactors since they minimize electronic waste and reduce environmental contaminants. 

We also still appreciate and enjoy the personal touch. Our customer-base ranges from some of the world’s largest industrial and automation companies to the novice engineer working out of their garage. We look forward to supporting them all. HBControls has specialized in the industry since the 1980’s and our team of engineers look forward to the opportunity to help whenever and wherever they can.

With a broad range of standard products, technical expertise and support, custom-design capabilities and same-day shipping on most products, we’re here to help you succeed.

HBControls K Series Single-Phase Power Controller
HBControls G Series Three-Phase Power Controller
HBControls A Series Single-Phase Power Controller
HBControls F Series Three-Phase Power Controller
HBControls - Power Control Solutions
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