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  • DIN mount two-pole solid-state relay heat sink assembly
  • Zero-crossing 65 amp / 24-600Vac output at 40°C ambient temperature
  • 20-265Vac/dc input / control voltage
  • Input terminals pre-wired in parallel to allow for single connection control
  • Integrated output over voltage protection
  • IP20 touch-safe housing with removable flaps over the
    input and output terminals
  • Green LED input status indicator
  • Thermally efficient heat sink with forced air cooling to
    maximize overall product life expectancy
  • Available with either a 5Vdc or 24Vdc fan
  • EMC compliant, level 3
  • Agency approvals; cURus Recognized, VDE/TUV, and CE

HBC-U90HAA-2-F 65 Amp / 24-600Vac, DC Input Two-Pole Power Controller

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    Product Datasheet: HBControls UAF Series Three-Phase Power Controllers

  • Product Description:

    The HBControls HBC-U90HAA-2-F power controller utilizes 2 Celduc 90 amp solid state relays pre-assembled onto compact, thermally efficient DIN mount “A” series heat sinks. The HBC-U90HAA-2-F solid-state relay / heat sink assembly utilizes forced-air cooling and is fully derated to switch up-to 65 amps per phase at line voltages between 24Vac and 600Vac in a 40°C ambient temperature. This eliminates the need to perform any thermal calculations or heat sink selection. Furthermore, since the solid-state relay is already assembled onto a specific, custom-designed heat sink, mounting torque and the application of thermal compound are no longer concerns.


    The UAF series assemblies are available with either a 5Vdc or 24Vdc fan. Custom fan voltages may be available upon request. 


    The HBC-U90HAA-2-F solid state power controller can accept control (input) signals between 20Vac/dc and 265Vac/dc. When an input signal is applied, the zero-crossing output circuit only conducts load current when the AC mains passes through the zero-crossing point of the sine wave. This minimizes inrush currents and the level of conducted emissions coupled onto the AC mains by the solid state relay.


    A green LED provides visual indication when the input signal is applied. 


    The HBC-U90HAA-2-F utilizes rugged back-to-back (inverse parallel) SCRs to switch power to AC loads. This significantly reduces the total power dissipation in comparison to similar triac output solid state relays, in addition to enhancing the relay’s ability to withstand heavy surge currents. This makes the HBC-U90HAA-2-F ideally suited for resistive heating and similar applications.


    Features and benefits of the HBC-U90HAA-2-F solid state relay power controller include;

    • Direct bond copper (DBC) substrate for superior thermal performance
    • Epoxy-free design to eliminate stress caused by the expansion and contraction of epoxy during normal operation
    • Direct power lead frame design to minimize solder joints in the load-current path
    • SEMS screws and washers for improved pull-out ratings
    • Redesigned solid state relay housing with anti-rotation barriers
    • Shock & vibration resistant to IEC 600068-2-6 & IEC 600068-2-27
    • Agency approvals; cURus, CSA, VDE and CE compliant
    • EMC compliant (level 3)


    Please see the datasheet for additional options, or feel free to contact our technical team at / 800.879.7918.

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