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  • Celduc SGB series three-phase panel mount solid-state relay
  • Zero-crossing, 24-640Vac / 85 amps per-pole output
  • 4-30Vdc input
  • Fully assembled options available
    • Mounted to a K series heat sink - 37A per phase rating @ 40°C ambient temperature
    • Mounted to a G series heat sink - 70A per phase rating @ 40°C ambient temperature
  • Input and output over voltage protection
  • IP20 touch-safe housing with removable flaps
  • LED input status indicator
  • 125 amp back-to-back (inverse parallel) SCR output maximizes long-term reliability
  • Agency approvals: cURus (UL) Recognized,   CE

Celduc SGB8890200 85 Amp / 24-640Vac, DC Input, Two-Pole Solid State Relay

  • Additional Information:

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    Fully Assembled Load Current Ratings:

    K Series Heat Sink: 37 amps per phase @ 40°C ambient / 100% duty cycle

    G Series Heat Sink: 70 amps per phase @ 40°C ambient / 100% duty cycle


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    Product Datasheet: Celduc SGB8890200 Solid-State Relay


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  • Product Description:

    The SGB8890200 two-pole / three-phase solid-state relay has 2x 85 amp / 24-640Vac solid-state outputs controlled by a single 4-30Vdc input. Designed for endurance and reliability in harsh industrial applications, the SGB8890200 utilizes rugged back-to-back (inverse parallel) SCRs to switch power to AC loads, enhancing the relay’s ability to withstand heavy surge currents and ensuring overall reliability. 


    Input and output over voltage protection are standard on the SGB8890200. A green LED provides visual indication that the input/control signal is applied to the solid-state relay. 


    The SGB8890200 solid state relay is an ideal solution for switching  three-phase resistive loads and motor loads (32A per-phase AC-53 motor-load rating). 


    A heat sink and thermal compound are normally required to prevent a solid state relay from overheating during normal operation. HBControls offers a wide range of thermally efficient, DIN and panel mount heat sinks suitable for use with Celduc solid-state relays. 


    Please contact us at / 800.879.7918 if you’d like to receive more information on Celduc's solid-state relays or discuss specific application requirements.


    About Celduc


    With employees in four countries on three continents, the Groupe celduc® is a leader in the global market for industrial automation, magnetic proximity sensors and power transformers. Founded in 1964 and located in Sorbiers, France, Celduc is recognized in nearly sixty countries with an established network of sales subsidiaries, specialist distributors and experienced representatives. The team at celduc® relais are experts in designing and manufacturing millions of innovative, highly reliable solid-state relays and magnetic sensors every year.


    Focus on Excellence:


    Celduc maintains a significant amount of pride that their driving force since 1964 has been a notion of excellence. Their belief in excellence as an ever-expanding goal that can never be reached continues to motivate them to remain curious, challenge norms and push boundaries, with a foundation of traditional, proven methods and technology to achieve desired results.


    A Family Tradition:


    Celduc continuously cultivates a sense of family within their organization, evident by an average employee service of more than 15 years. Customers are included in this sense of family and, accordingly, their average commercial relationship length with Celduc also exceeds 15 years. These averages only increase each year as their presence in the market, and the bonds with their employees and customers continue to grow.  


    World Specialist in Solid-State Relays


    Celduc’s success has continued unabated since the invention of the first solid-state relay in the early 1970’s, with their factories expanding every five years, on average. Innovation in solid-state relay technology and magnetic sensors remains a primary source of their growth in the global market. Quality is guaranteed and ensured through rigid, automated processes that require 100% testing and certification of all products. Additionally, products comply with recognized international standards, including UL, CSA, VDE/TUV, ATEX, MIL-STD, EAC, S-Mark and CE.


    Today, and for many years to come, Celduc is and will remain the world specialist in solid-state relays.  

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