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  • Panel mount solid-state relay
  • 90-140Vac input
  • Zero-crossing 48-530Vac / 50A output
  • Direct-bond copper (DBC) substrate for superior thermal performance
  • Direct-power lead-frame design reduces solder joints and enhances reliability
  • IP20 touch-safe housing
  • EMC compliant, level 3
  • Agency approvals; cURus Recognized, VDE/TUV, CE

Crydom CMA4850, AC Input, 50 Amp / 48-530Vac, Zero-Crossing Solid State

SKU: CMA4850
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    Alternative In-Stock Product - Crydom CMA6050 / HBC-A6050 48-660Vac / 50A Solid State Relay


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  • Product Description:

    The Crydom CMA4850 solid state relay is capable of switching 50 amp loads at line voltages between 48Vac and 530Vac when mounted to a suitable heat sink. The output circuit utilizes two SCRs configured in inverse-parallel, ideally suited for switching power in harsh industrial environments. Both SCRs are mounted to a direct bond copper (DBC) substrate to maximize thermal efficiency between the SCR junctions and the base plate of the solid state relay.


    The input of the CMA4850 solid state relay accepts control signals between 90Vac and 140Vac and requires <20mA of source current @ 120Vac to trigger the output semiconductors. The input and output of the solid state relay are optically isolated, providing 4kVrms dielectric protection between the AC mains and personnel / control circuitry. An LED input-status indicator allows for easy visual identification of the status of the solid state relay input circuit.


    The CMA4850 has a zero-crossing output, which will not conduct load current when an input signal is applied until the AC supply passes through the zero crossing point of the sine wave. This greatly reduces inrush current through the load and reduces the level of conducted emissions coupled onto the AC mains.


    Box-clamp terminals can accommodate bare wires up-to 8 gauge for the output and 12 gauge for the input.


    Typical applications include resistive heating loads, motor loads, and other inductive loads with a power factor ≥0.5.  


    A heat sink is normally required in order to prevent the solid state relay from overheating during normal operation. The HBControls C series solid state relay power controllers utilize an HBC-A6050 / CMA6050 series solid state relay (CMA4850 alternative) pre-assembled onto thermally efficient heat sinks and fully derated for operation in a 40°C ambient temperature.

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