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  • 50 amp DIN mount proportional output solid-state relay / heat sink assembly
  • 345-530Vac / 50A output @ 40°C
  • Selectable phase-angle or burst fire output
  • Selectable analog Input; 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA (4-20mA input does not require auxiliary power supply)
  • Utilizes 1x Crydom PMP4890WP solid-state relay
  • Internal over temperature protection
  • Thermally efficient heat sink to maximize overall product life expectancy
  • Direct-bond copper (DBC) substrate for superior thermal performance
  • “Contactor” configuration with elevator screw terminals
  • MTBF > 7 million hours (>800 years)
  • Agency approvals; cURus, IEC Rated, and CE

PC-90HL4-P 50 Amp Proportional Output Solid State Power Controller

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    Product Datasheet: HBControls PC-L4 Series Proportional Output Solid-State Power Controllers


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  • Product Description:

    The HBControls PC-90HL4-P is a Crydom PMP4890WP proportional output solid state relay pre-assembled onto a thermally efficient, DIN mount “L4” series heat sink. Utilizing microprocessor-based technology, the PC-90HL4-P / PMP4890WP solid-state relay provides 0% to 100% power to resistive loads in proportion to the analog input provided. Three different analog input options are available and selectable via a selector switch on the solid-state relay; 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA. Furthermore, two types of proportional control are available and also selectable via the solid-state relay’s selector switch; phase-angle control or burst fire control. Phase-angle controllers apply a portion of AC power to the load by turning on at various points of the AC sine wave. Burst fire controllers provide a series of full AC cycles to the load, with the ratio of on-cycles to off-cycles dependent upon the analog input.


    The PC-90HL4-P is capable of switching 50 amp resistive loads at line voltages between 345Vac and 530Vac. The PMP4890WP solid state relay includes internal over temperature and over voltage protection. The PMP4890WP also includes a multifunction LED status indicator


    An external 8-30Vdc power supply is required for 0-5V or 0-10V analog input control. An external power supply is not required for 4-20mA control.


    Operation Modes


    Phase Angle Control: If the solid state relay is set to phase-angle mode, then the output will only conduct at certain points of the AC sine wave. The point at which it begins to conduct is dependent upon the analog input provided. For example, if the selector switch on the solid state relay is set to Mode B (phase-angle mode, 0-10V analog input), then the percentage of power applied to the load will be directly proportional to the 0-10V analog input. If the signal is at 5V, then the output will turn on at the peak of each AC sine wave, effectively applying 50% power. If you’re controlling a heating element and the temperature starts to go beyond the set-point with 50% power being applied, then your controller may reduce its output to 4V. If so, then the solid state relay would reduce the power to 40% by only conducting load current once 60% of the AC sine wave had passed.


    Burst Fire Control: Burst fire mode performs the same function. However, unlike phase-angle mode, the solid state relay will provide a series a full AC cycles to the load when set to burst fire mode. We can use the same example as above, except with the selector switch on the solid state relay set to Mode E (burst fire mode, 0-10V analog input). Instead of turning on at the peak of each AC sine wave when the analog input is at 5V, the solid state relay will provide a series of full AC cycles to the load and then turn off for the same number of cycles. If the analog input is reduced to 4V, then the solid state relay will still provide a series of full AC cycles, but the on-off ratio of the solid state relay output will drop to 40%.


    Additional Features & Benefits of the PC-90HL4-P / PMP4890WP include:

    • Rated for loads up-to 50 amps @ 40°C at line voltages between 345Vac and 530Vac.
    • Pre-assembled solution eliminates the need for thermal calculations, heat sink selection, multiple component sourcing and assembly
    • Selectable analog input; 0-5V, 0-10V and 4-20mA
    • Selectable output mode; phase-angle or burst fire control
    • Internal over temperature and transient overvoltage protection
    • Compatible with 50Hz or 60Hz AC mains
    • Multifunction LED status indicator
    • Direct bond copper substrate for superior thermal performance
    • MTBF ratings in excess of 7 million hours (>800 years)


    Please visit our PC Series Proportional Controllers page for versions with different load current and/or line voltage ratings. Our technical team is ready to help at / 800.879.7918 if you’d like to receive more information on PC series proportional solid state relay power controllers.


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