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Solid State Relay Power Controllers

Solid State Relay and Heat Sink Assemblies

Power Controllers

* Pre-Assembled Solid State Relay /      Heat Sink Solutions

* AC, DC and Proportional Output

* AC, DC or Analog Input 

* Single-Phase and Three-Phase          Ratings up-to 100A @ 40°C

* MTBF Ratings > 7 Million Hours

* Standard and Quick-Turn                    Customized Solutions

Solid State Relays

* DIN mount or panel mount SSRs

* Ratings up-to 125 amps @ 600Vac

* Single-phase or three-phase switching

* Contactor or Relay Configuration

UAF Air Cooled Solid State Relay Assemblies

UAF Series Air-Cooled SSR Assemblies
* Ratings up-to 75A @ 24-600Vac @ 40°C
* 3.5-32Vdc or 20-265Vac/dc input / control voltage
* Integrated input and/or output over voltage protection
* LED input status indicator
* IP20 touch-safe housing with removable flaps over the
   input and output terminals
* Available with a 5Vdc or 24Vdc fan

Featured Products

HBControls Solid State Relays 1

IP20 & IP40 Panel Mount Assemblies

AC or DC Input, 35A 24-530Vac Output

35mm DIN Mount Solid State Relay

DC Input, 43A / 42-600Vac Output

Solid State Relay Monitoring Board

Load / Relay Fault Condition Detection

HBControls Solid State Relays 2

Panel Mount Solid State Relay

AC/DC Input, 50A / 24-510Vac Output

Three-Phase Solid State Relay

DC Input, 64A / 24-520Vac Output

35mm DIN Mount Power Supply

120Vac to 24Vac / 1.5VA

HBControls Solid State Relays 3

Dual Solid State Relay Assembly

Original Assembly for Turbochef Ovens

Dual Solid State Relay Assembly

Original Assembly for Turbochef Ovens

Dual Output Solid State Relay

Original SSR for Turbochef Assemblies

Quotation Marks

“HBControls has been an exceptional supplier of my electrical switching requirements.  I can depend on HBControls to furnish me with an engineered solution and/or product that will perform as needed for my power control application(s).  Engineering expertise, on-time deliveries and dependable, consistent customer service makes HBControls a highly reliable Power Controller and solid state relay provider to CLEVELAND COMPONENTS!”

Quotation Marks

“For years I relied on HBControls to provide quality power controllers and solid state relays for commercial cooking equipment. Quality, delivery, technical support and customer service are paramount for keeping customers happy, and HBControls has a superb track record for each. HBControls is extremely knowledgeable, and very quick and easy to work with on both standard products and custom designs. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am in all aspects of the products and service that HBControls provides.”

You're in Good Hands

 - Tom Orr - 

 - Pete Bamburak- 

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