Celduc Solid State Relays

Solid State Relays & Power Controllers

SC SCM Series.jpg

Panel Mount SSRs

IP00 AC & DC Output  

Up-To 125 Amps AC or 150 Amps DC

SC & SCM series solid-state relays. Heavy-duty SCR (AC switching) or MOSFET (DC switching) output.

SUL SUM Series.jpg

DIN Mount SSRs

Single-Phase Output

Up-To 45 Amps @ 24-510Vac

22.5mm and 45mm DIN mount solid-state relays with integral heat sink and IP20 touch-safe housing.

SO SOM Series.jpg

Panel Mount SSRs

IP20 AC & DC Output

Up-To 125 Amps AC or 60 Amps DC

SO7/8/9 & SOM series IP20 solid-state relays with removable touch-safe flaps over both input and output terminals.

SOB SGT Series.jpg

DIN & Panel Mount SSRs

Dual & Three-Phase

Up-To 75 Amps Per-Pole / Phase

Two-pole & three-phase solid state relays with integrated touch-safe cover, input LED and overvoltage protection

SF SP Series.jpg

Miniature SSRs

Faston Terminals

Up-To 25 Amps @ 12-280Vac

SF & SP series miniature solid-state relays ideally suited for applications with limited space and/or multiple relays per panel.

PCB Series.jpg

PCB Mount SSRs

Single-Phase Output

Up-To 25 Amps @ 24-600Vac

Compact, low-profile AC output printed circuit board mount solid-state relays. Ratings up-to 25A with external heat sink.